The Boolean Type in JavaScript

· 6 minutes read

Boolean logic is dead simple, but there are many ways to use it in JavaScript. First thing to know, is that every value in JavaScript has a boolean value... and that may lead to many mistakes!

Venturing into Rust Land!

· 11 minutes read

I started learning Rust, much after giving up on learning C++. It has been an interesting experience and this post is the documentation of whatever I've learnt yet.

Structural Patterns in ES6+ using Game of Thrones

· 12 minutes read

Structural design patterns ease the design of large structure of relationships between objects while keeping these structures flexible and efficient. Let's find them out, using some references from Game Of Thrones.

When, how and why you should call Haskell functions from C

· 7 minutes read

Compiling a language to C means that you can call it from a large set of programming languages, including Go, Java, Python and Node.js. But when should we do it? And how?

Using environment variables in your next GoLang project

· 6 minutes read

There are multiple ways in GoLang to use environment variables and files. Let's see what's the best for your needs!

19 hot CSS tricks you should know

· 3 minutes read

Here is a curated collection of CSS snippets that you can use in specific situations or just for fun and exploring.

Store Hyperledger Fabric certificates and keys in CouchDB

· 4 minutes read

Hyperledger Fabric is all about permissions. These permissions are provided in a form of certificates and keys. Let's learn more about how to store them!

Smart animations with custom properties

· 3 minutes read

What you get by combining css custom properties and keyframes? Smart keyframes!

Create a Modern Vanilla Javascript Router

· 5 minutes read

Single page applications are everywhere around us, React-based, Vue or in vanillaJS. To have a good single page application you need to have a fantastic router mechanism.

Discovering the useful Laravel pipelines

· 4 minutes read

Pipelines are very helpful to keep our code clean and readable. Let's find out one of the most useful but not so well known component of the Laravel framework.